Aluminium-free lid for Arla dairy products

Arla has utilised Walki’s paper-based lid material for its 175g Luonto+ yoghurt in Finland and for cottage cheese and crème fraiche in Sweden, to help consumers make more sustainable choices.

“We listen very carefully to the buyers of our products”, said Kati Janhunen, brand & category manager at Arla. “Those who choose our Arla Luonto+ yoghurt, for example, consider sustainability to be very important.”

Walki, a globally leading manufacturer of barrier packaging materials, is one of the few suppliers of aluminium-free, flexible, paper-based lid material for single-portion cups.

“The product can be fully recycled in the normal paper recycling process,” said Heikki Lumme, flexible packaging business line manager at Walki.

“And when it comes to the CO2 balance, Walki-Lid beats the conventional material aluminium many times over. This makes it particularly suitable for companies that are seriously committed to sustainability and to reducing their emissions throughout the supply chain.”

Walki-Lid enables dairy products to be packaged completely sustainably – without aluminium and on the basis of renewable and recyclable raw materials. They are made of Walki-Lid material supplied by Walki and manufactured by the Finnish paper, converting and packaging company Pyroll.

Marko Manu, sales manager at Pyroll, said: “Walki-Lid has an excellent aroma, water vapour and gas barrier, is easy to remove from the cup and yet tear-resistant. It is easy to print and matches the packaging processes of our customers. In addition to the technical processability, the quality meets the food safety standards, protects the product optimally and guarantees its shelf life”.

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