EWPA launches website promoting whey

The website features recipes, such as protein pancakes

The European Whey Processors Association (EWPA) has launched wheyforliving.com, its first B2C digital communication platform promoting the various benefits of whey protein.

wheyforliving.com aims to establish a European whey protein voice in the debate on social media, in line with the EWPA mission, i.e. promoting good communication and understanding on whey and related topics towards potential customers and consumers.
Initially powered by Arla Foods Ingredients from May to December 2019, the B2C online communication platform is now officially taken over by EWPA.

With this platform, EWPA conveys the power of whey protein, sharing science-based knowledge and information on its various benefits with European consumers. While the positive health benefits of whey protein may be common knowledge to doctors, nutrition scientists and athletes trying to improve their performance, they are not as well-known among the general public.

Today, whey protein is indeed recognised as a protein of superior nutritional quality, containing all of the essential amino acids needed by the body on a daily basis. It also contributes to growth and maintenance of muscles and bones.

The purpose of wheyforliving.com is therefore to inspire and ensure that discussions about whey proteins, as well as other proteins, are based on facts and science-based knowledge rather than myths or hearsay. On this platform, articles, recipes, tips and videos are available for inspiration to make whey protein a part of the daily diet.

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