Multipond to showcase innovation through new distribution system at Interpack

Multipond, manufacturer of multihead weighers for the packaging industry, will be showcasing its innovative use of motor drives in a distribution system at this year’s Interpack event.

The distribution system, Multipond says, can be combined and synchronized with diverse, horizontal packaging machines of reputable manufacturers as a stand-alone system. Thus, the continuous, rotating filling unit achieves both a higher output and a higher line performance.

The use of  Multipond’s motor drives in hygienic design could provide considerable advantages in terms of performance, operational reliability and wear-out compared to conventional systems with pneumatic components:

  • Economical: Compressed air is not necessary for the operation of the machine, which is very expensive, especially in the food industry due to high hygienic requirements.
  • Flexible: Motor systems can be adapted to trays of different heights without any problems; one system can be used for a variety of different trays.
  • Gentle: The burden on the components is reduced by a continuous, variable motor speed. Thus, premature wear-out can be avoided.

Adapted to the Multipond standard, all precautions are taken to realise maximum hygienic requirements. Due to a circular tube frame construction, unnecessary corners are avoided where germs and bacteria can settle. Remaining liquids after the cleaning process run outwards through slanted surfaces. The front of the distribution system is constructed in a way that means format parts are easily accessible. This provides significant benefits, especially for cleaning-intensive applications. The systems consistently meet protection class IP69.

Multipond will be located in Hall 15, booth B02 at the Interpack event in Düsseldorf (7-13 May 2020).

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