Ammerland expands storage for cheese and butter

In Germany, Ammerland dairy has expanded its storage capacity by 24,500 rack spaces. The original warehouse was created in 2014 and production products are brought into the warehouse via a 120-metre conveyor system.
The throughput of the pallets in the conveyor technology tunnel will be increased in the expansion, which is being supplied by Westfalia. In order to improve the transfer speed, the roller conveyor drives will now be equipped with frequency converters. The pallets pass as a couple over the bridge, are then separated and can then be stored in all aisles via a new branch.
A total of nine storage and retrieval machines now supply over 46,000 storage spaces for euro, industrial, plastic and one-way pallets.
As mozzarella and butter are only stored in one of the storage aisles, an additional, single-deep storage aisle with a temperature of 4°C is set up. Cheese is stored at 8°C.
In the event of a malfunction, mozzarella and butter can also be stored in the other alleys and then automatically returned. Everything is controlled by the warehouse management and material flow control software.
The Ammerland dairy stores cheese in boxes that are transported on industrial pallets with frames. The transport weights are up to 1.5 tons per pallet. A side extension with a vertical conveyor controls the transport of these heavy pallets to the newly created shipping lanes.

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