Jasper Hill Farm and Caledonia Spirits release second batch of Ginimere cheese

Two US, Vermont-based artisan producers, Caledonia Spirits and Jasper Hill Farm, have come together to release a second batch of their special-edition “Ginnimere” cheese.

Ginnimere is a creative twist on Jasper Hill’s popular Winnimere, a yolky, silken cow’s milk cheese made from the raw winter milk of the farm’s Ayrshire cattle. The creamy cheese is wrapped in strips of spruce cambium, the tree’s inner bark layer, that are harvested from Jasper Hill’s woodlands. During its usual aging process, Winnimere is washed in a cultured salt brine that aids in evening the rind development, but with Ginnimere, the rind is instead washed in Caledonia Spirits’ flagship Barr Hill Gin.

Made with raw northern honey, Barr Hill Gin’s bright, floral notes complement the botanical qualities it retains from the juniper, giving it a flavour profile that works incredibly well with cheese.

As part of the collaboration, Caledonia Spirits has crafted a collection of cocktails to enjoy with the Ginnimere cheese. Each wheel of Ginnimere comes with one of the cocktail recipes on the back label.

As a limited-release offering, Ginnimere is available by wheel only (approximately 13 oz) for $32. Caledonia Spirits will be making the cheese available for curbside pickup as part of its Gin Lane Drive-Thru service in Montpelier. Customers can also purchase Ginnimere by visiting: jasperhillfarm.com.

To celebrate the second batch of Ginnimere, Caledonia Spirits president & head distiller Ryan Christiansen and Jasper Hill Farm owner Mateo Kehler will be hosting an Instagram live virtual happy hour on 15 May from 16:00-17:00 EST.

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