National measures harm EU single market, says MEP

European Parliament Member (MEP) Andreas Schwab (EPP, DE) has been publishing a list of recently adopted national measures violating the single market principle in the European Union consumer goods sector, the European Dairy Association’s Dairy Flash reports. “For a speedy post-Covid-19 recovery, spending money is not sufficient. We must protect the basis of our economic success: the single market. Today, we are on a wrong way,” Schwab warned.

MEP Schwab’s list includes the Bulgarian law obliging the retail sector to source 90 per cent of all dairy produce at national level, the Polish ‘name & blame’ website for dairy importers, the French agricultural minister’s call for food- patriotism and milk origin labelling decree and many other initiatives.

“We are grateful for this call for action to the EU Commission that missed in the past many opportunities to take its role as guardian of the treaty, seriously. MEP Andreas Schwab and his team highlight the problems that the EU Commission’s communication ‘Identifying and addressing barriers to the single market’ of March 2020 did not really tackle,” EDA secretary general, Alexander Anton, said.

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