Chr Hansen makes €4,100 donation to Dairy Without Borders

Lars Dall Jensen, chairman of Dairy Without Borders & Anne Katrine Irgens, senior commercial development manager, Cheese Enzymes, Chr Hansen

Chr Hansen is donating €4,100 to the DK-based NGO Dairy Without Borders, a non-profit organisation working to advance rural communities in selected developing countries through knowledge sharing, training and transfer of skills. The organisation establishes and supports economically and environmentally sustainable projects that contribute to lift small local milk producers to a higher level in terms of use, storage and possible sales of their dairy products.

For Chr Hansen, which builds on a strong legacy in the dairy sector, Dairy Without Borders was an obvious choice for the donation the company wished to make a year after the launch of the third generation cutting-edge CHY-MAX coagulant, CHY-MAX Supreme. Introduced globally last year, it has been well received by the industry and has generated a lot of interest from modern cheesemakers seeking to optimise their production. CHY-MAX Supreme enables up to 1% higher cheese yield and allows for processing more milk and cheese in less time. Furthermore, producers can reportedly profit from superior functionality in terms of better slicing and grating of cheese, with reduced giveaways and longer shelf life due to the reduced protein breakdown over time. The promise to donate money for a good cause was made to urge customers to experience this in their own production.

“We couldn’t be more satisfied with the reception CHY-MAX Supreme has received from the market. Groundbreaking innovations in the coagulant space are rare but we, as world’s leading producer of coagulation solutions, are committed to constantly raising the industry standard for performance and understand the challenges of modern cheesemakers,” said Anne Katrine Irgens, senior commercial development manager, Cheese Enzymes, Chr Hansen.

She continued: “To further accelerate the interest in our new product, we promised to donate an amount to Dairy Without Borders for each industrial trial that was entered into in the first year after the launch so that customers could see for themselves that the advantages of CHY-MAX Supreme that we claim in fact hold true.”

“Given the strong sustainability profile of the product, which makes it possible to produce more cheese with the same amount of milk, we thought it would make good sense to direct our donation to an organisation that actively assumes social responsibility through taking a stand against poverty and helping to stabilise food security in less privileged regions. We are confident that Dairy Without Borders will know how to best put the money to good use.”

On the receiving end, the NGO is very happy for the donation, which reaches far in the parts of the world where Dairy Without Borders operates.

“This is a very welcome donation and we are grateful for Chr Hansen’s choice. Ultimately we want to help small milk farmers get a better life, and the way we do this is by contributing with knowledge, so they can optimise their dairy production, achieve better prices and improve food safety for themselves and those who buy their products,” said Lars Dall Jensen, chairman of Dairy Without Borders and manager of production technology and development at Arla Foods.

”When traveling around the world one realises that it is in fact possible to help, even with relatively limited means. In Denmark we are fortunate that education is a prioritized element in society, and based on this we can make a big difference in regions where even basic education is in short supply. I was in Kenya last fall in connection with a Government project on revision of the Kenyan food legislation, where lifting the quality of milk products is a focus area. One element concentrates on HACCP-control at the dairies and quality payment for the milk to the farmers, and here our members can really make a huge contribution by sharing their know-how,” Jensen explained.

This is not the only thing Dairy Without Borders engages in. In Mongolia, for example, the organisation sent two young girls to dairy school, and this summer they completed four years of dairy education. They can now actively take part in a local project sponsored by the association, among other things based on a previous donation by Chr Hansen Denmark and its employees. Today the visible proof is a small dairy in the making and a newly established cooperative association whose responsibility it is to sell dairy products based on milk from yaks to tourists in the area, thereby improving the standard of living.

“Creating results like that makes me proud and grateful. Thanks to the CHY-MAX Supreme donation from Chr Hansen, we can do even more of this,“ concluded Jensen.

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