Yili rises to top five in 2020 Global Dairy Top 20

Yili Group, Asia’s largest dairy firm, has risen to the top five spot among global dairy producers in the Rabobank 2020 Global Dairy Top 20 report, underpinned by its continuous focus on global collaboration. Yili joins Nestlé, Lactalis, Dairy Farmers of America and Danone in the top five spots.

Commenting on the achievement, Pan Gang, chairman of Yili, said, “This achievement will undoubtedly boost our confidence and resolve in pursuing excellence and seeking continuous improvement. Our growth is only possible with the collective effort of every member of the Yili family, and more importantly from the trust and support given by our global consumers, investors and partners. Despite the challenging business landscape ahead, we will strive to uphold ‘Yili means the best quality’ and always maintain our customer-centric mantra to deliver greater health and nutrition to our consumers.”

Over the years, Yili has invested continuous efforts in promoting a “Global Health Ecosystem” – an initiative that increases cooperation with its global partners throughout the industry value chain to discuss health issues, share the benefits of health and integrate high-quality resources from around the world to establish and develop a holistic health ecosystem that promotes sustainable development of the industry. This is based on the company’s firm belief in creating a “win-win” situation for the ecosystem to enjoy mutual benefits through stronger collaboration.

As part of its recent efforts in Southeast Asia, Chomthana, the largest ice cream company in Thailand owned by Yili, has supplied stable jobs to the local area, where more than 90% of its employees comprise of locals who have received training and upskilling. Recently, in June 2020, Chomthana was awarded the “2020 FDA Quality Award” by the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand for its leading quality control levels and strong operational management capabilities.

In Indonesia, Yili is currently constructing its factory which is designed to enhance its localised service capabilities, and has further plans to establish an innovation center in future to develop innovative products based on localised needs. Having launched its range of products such as AMBROSIAL yogurt, as well as Cremo and Joyday ice creams, Yili continues to provide local consumers with a diversified choice of healthy products in the Southeast Asian region.

Yili has invested RMB 3 billion to establish one of the world’s largest, integrated dairy production facilities in New Zealand and has successfully carried out its operation in New Zealand through Oceania Diary as well as Westland, the second-largest dairy firm in New Zealand. Speaking on the assistance of Yili, Mr Hamish Fraser, owner of Lewin Ranch in South Canterbury, New Zealand, commented, “We appreciate the assistance provided by Oceania Dairy for keeping milk prices and payment methods stable in our long-term partnership.” During the Covid-19 pandemic, Yili played its role as a corporate citizen and took the conscious decision to fully support the dairy industry by maintaining the purchase quantities, as well as the purchase prices of milk procured from local farmers.

Furthermore, Yili has also partnered with Wageningen University & Research of the Netherlands to jointly establish a European R&D facility, and has also taken the lead in creating a channel for technological and knowledge exchange between China and the US. These collaborative efforts, coupled with its strong financial performance, underpin Yili’s rise in Rabobank’s report released on 31 August 2020.

Published annually, the Rabobank Global Top 20 Dairy report is a survey of the world’s largest dairy companies and highlights the giants of one of the world’s most valuable food sectors.

The ranking this year is as follows:

To download Rabobank’s full report, click here and to learn more about Yili Group, visit: www.yili.com.

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