DMK’s whey merger complete

The merger of DV Nutrition and wheyco, under the umbrella of the German DMK Group, has been named wheyco Netherlands VOF. Whey permeate is filled into bags with the wheyco logo in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, while customer contacts are maintained from the sales office in Hamburg, Germany.

The DMK Group and dairy nutrition company Volac had already held shares in the DVN joint venture since 2004. The complete takeover by DMK followed in January 2020 in order to drive the expansion in the direction of European and Asian growth markets.

“The complete takeover of the joint venture was a further building block that now enables us to further advance the targeted expansion of our whey business in value-adding markets,” explained Alexander Godow, COO at DMK Industry.

In Hoogeveen, 120,000 litres of whey per hour flow from the neighbouring DOC-Kaas factory through pipes into the wheyco factory, where they are processed into whey protein concentrate (WPC) and permeate. The close proximity to the cheese production is an important reason for the high quality end products of wheyco, because the freshness and quality of the whey are crucial in the production of the whey derivatives, the company says.

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