Norseland launches Ilchester Bonfire Night Cheddar

The UK’s leading speciality cheese company Norseland is getting in the autumnal spirit with the launch of a new cheese in its Ilchester range for Bonfire Night and the return of a Halloween-inspired cheese that was introduced last October and is making a comeback for Halloween 2020.

The Ilchester Bonfire Night Cheddar, which will be available in 450 Morrisons delis across the UK from 19 October 2020, will reportedly ‘set your tongue on fire’ with the warming, spicy addition of habanero chilli pepper complemented by the real pieces of the sweet and fruity ingredient of mango.

Norseland says the cheese is the perfect addition to cosy winter-warmer meals and can be crumbled over jacket potatoes and pasta dishes. The Bonfire Night Cheddar is available on the cheese deli counter, in portions, cut from a 1.5kg half wheel, and its RRP is £10 per kilo.

The Halloween-inspired Ilchester Black Cat Cheddar was launched last year and due to popular demand is making a comeback for Halloween 2020.

The Ilchester Black Cat Cheddar is a versatile and uniquely flavoured cheese, which is coloured and flavoured with natural cocoa and carob for a malty flavour. It reportedly melts well and evenly with an attractive glossy surface and is particularly tasty in sandwiches and bagels or as a cheese on toast alternative. It can also be cut into ghoulish shapes and added to pizzas or used for party food. The Ilchester Black Cat Cheddar is sold in portions, cut from a 1.5kg half wheel, on the cheese deli counter and is available from 12 October 2020 in 450 Morrisons delis across the UK. Its RRP is £8 per kilo.

Lisa Harrison, senior brand manager for the Ilchester Bonfire Night Cheddar and the Ilchester Black Cat Cheddar, said: “We love to innovate with our cheese brands and autumnal events such as Bonfire Night and Halloween give us the perfect opportunity to create cheese that complement the season and give people the nourishing, comforting, warming food that we all crave at this time of the year.

“With 2020 being a challenging year for everyone, and particularly, with Halloween and Bonfire Night set to be very different to previous years, we really want to give cheese lovers something to look forward to as we head into autumn.

“The Ilchester Black Cat Cheddar last year launched at Morrisons and flew off the deli counters; we are so thrilled to be partnering with Morrisons on the return of the Ilchester Black Cat and the launch of the Ilchester Bonfire Night Cheddar cheese.”

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