Frishpack plants for the future

Horst Luchtefeld and Stefan Welter

The managing directors of the Frischpack Group, Horst Luchtefeld and Stefan Welter, have planted young fir trees near Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps. In doing so, they supported the ‘Planting trees in Germany’ initiative.

“We are in difficult times, when we need the forest more than ever and the forest needs our help more than ever. Forests serve as a carbon storage, substitute building material, recreational area and much more,” explains forester Striegel. “Unfortunately, 50 to 100 years ago many forests were incorrectly planted with too many spruce trees.”

The selected piece of forest near Partenkirchen was badly damaged by the storm. A healthy mixed forest is now being created here, for which around 200 fir trees are planted in the first step. These have deeper roots than spruce and are more resistant to the effects of climate change, because they can cope better with moisture, heat and drought, and reduce the risk of forest fires.

For years the Frischpack Group has been concentrating on reducing its carbon footprint, which it has been able to reduce by more than half at the Mailling site in recent years.

For every tonne of carbon compensated in the Amazon, the company plants a new tree in German forests, a total of 300 trees per year.

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