Butlers introduces Blacksticks Blue: Mature Your Own

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses is introducing a new product offering in the form of Blacksticks Blue: Mature Your Own. This cheese gift pack consists of one whole 500g Blacksticks Blue cheese to nurture just the way consumers like it, all the way from mellow to nuclear tang.

Each cheese comes with a ‘birth certificate’ for keeping track of maturation and a simple instruction guide allowing cheese lovers to pick their desired taste.

Butlers says this unusual Christmas gift brings edge to the traditional blue cheese and port favourite, offering cheese lovers the chance to take control of the mould and the bring the science and joy of cheese making into their own home for the whole family.

Blacksticks Blue is a hero cheese for Butler’s fourth generation family business and can be found in all major supermarkets. To jazz up dessert this year, Butlers suggests trying Blacksticks Blue Cheese Brûlée.

The Mature Your Own Blacksticks Blue is available for pre-order online for £20.00 plus delivery.

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