British artisan cheese maker crowdfunding to save business

UK cheese maker Hamm Tun Fine Foods has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £40,000 (€44,225) to save its business from closure, following the latest Covid-19 restrictions. The creamery is based in Northamptonshire, and is the county’s only cheese maker. It has been making a range of blue, soft and hard cheeses since 2013, which are sold to restaurants, cafes, hotels, delis and farm shops, as well as from its own deli shop. Brands include Cobblers Nibble, Merry Tome, Northamptonshire blue, Buckby Blue and Little Bertie.

The business which is owned and manged by cheese maker Gary Bradshaw now faces closure without the investment, which will help to support the business until spring 2021.

“Times are tough and the future is very uncertain and like many we have seen our business disappear overnight,” says Bradshaw. “Launching our crowdfunding campaign feels very much like failure but people have been so supportive, and it is our only option to save the business in which we have invested everything over the past seven years. Hamm Tun Fine Foods launched its crowdfunding campaign on its social media channels in late November, appealing for donations to help save the business, by offering a range of products including cheese hampers, branded t-shirts and tote bags in exchange for a £20, £30 or £50 donation. Total donations so far have reached £7,900 (€8,727), as the campaign gathers momentum with local support including Northamptonshire-based BBC presenters Reverend Richard Coles and Jo Whiley retweeting the appeal.

“We have been working hard to pool our resources to keep bills paid and most importantly keep artisan cheese making alive. But with no stock in the maturing room and no business in the future, we now need help to survive. We will only use donations to fund the business and no personal wage will be taken from the business. Our one goal is to continue to represent Northamptonshire with our cheese and we are so grateful for all the support we have received so far. It means the world,” he adds.

“I have always been passionate about making cheese and putting Northamptonshire on the map by creating its first and only range of cheeses as well as winning awards along the way, has been an amazing dream. With the support of my family, we have invested everything into the business, and I can’t imagine a week not making cheese.”

To help support the crowdfunding campaign, visit:

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