MIV Scientific Innovation win for Usleber

The German Dairy Industry Association (MIV) has announced that this year’s Milk Scientific Innovation Award will go to Professor Ewald Paul Usleber from Justus Liebig University.

The award is given for innovative, milk-specific and practical services from the various scientific fields relating to milk. “We owe Professor Usleber for his fundamental and at the same time practical, scientific thinking and acting,” Hans Besner, chairman of MIV’s research group, says.

The MIV prize of €10,000 is awarded annually to people who are significantly involved in milk-specific research and science, ranging from natural sciences to law and economics. The decisive factor is the particular practical relevance to milk and thus its importance for dairy practice and milk science.

Ewald Paul Usleber has held the professorship for dairy science at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen since 2000. His research focuses on the detection of pathogenic microorganisms, mycotoxins and veterinary drug residues in milk and other foods. In addition, methods for detecting bacterial toxins in milk and food are being established. As part of his research work, the ease of use for the test systems he has established and possible on-site uses, for example in dairies, is another major focus.

The reasons for the prize are his many years of basic scientific work with practical relevance as well as his active support of dairies. The resulting findings have helped the German dairy industry to exert a targeted influence on products. He is a key contributor to milk science in Germany and has been a member of the scientific advisory board of the dairy industry association for many years.

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