Swiss student studies self-lubricating cheese

Cheeses such as Tilsiter or Appenzeller are very maintenance-intensive in artisanal, manual production. These round cheeses have to be brushed by hand several times a week with water, salt and cultures of microorganisms.

In order to simplify this cheese care, Patrick Galli, a student at the HAFL University of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Science in Switzerland, has pursued an idea on behalf of the governmental research institute Agroscope in his bachelor thesis, which is that the cheeses should lubricate themselves.

To do this, Galli pressed semi-hard cheese into spherical shapes in the Agroscope model dairy, which he then let lubricate each other in a bowl using rotation. He stated that semi-automatic lubrication in ‘dragée pans’ would be conceivable in order to achieve this on a larger scale.

The result of the “Kugelkäse” is reportedly reminiscent of young Tilsiter or Mutschli in terms of texture, but with a stronger aroma.

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