Sugar reduction continues at Berglandmilch

Austrian dairy Berglandmilch’s brands, Schärdinger and Tirol Milch have been gradually reducing the sugar content over the past few years. Last year, 200 fewer tonnes of sugar were used than in 2019, and this was a further 300 tons less than in 2018.

Managing director Josef Braunshofer is enthusiastic about these figures, noting: “Milk is a healthy food. Even in the initial production on the farms of our farmers we value naturalness – this continues in the processing in the dairy.”

When considering the sugar content of dairy products, the naturally contained lactose must be taken into account. Although this corresponds to only about 39% of the sweetness of conventional household sugar, the lactose must also be praised as sweetener in the nutritional table. The lactose content is usually around 4.5% of the total sugar content. This is also the reason why the sugar content of dairy products often looks high, even if in fact hardly any refined industrial sugar is added, the company explains.

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