Dairy stays on top for German consumers

A survey conducted on behalf of Tüv Süd shows what consumers in Germany currently think of it and how they want to deal with it in the future. It is mainly younger consumers who are open to plant-based alternatives to dairy products, who say that drinks made from soy, almond, or oats can help reduce animal foods in the diet.

However, over half of those surveyed (57%) currently do not consume any plant-based alternatives to milk and dairy products. Around 29% do this occasionally, 9% frequently, but only 4% state that they are currently completely replacing cow’s milk with plant-based alternatives.

The most popular are milk alternatives based on almonds (54%), oats (48%) and soy (43%).

In all age groups, the hope of positive health benefits from milk alternatives is most important. When comparing the age groups, however, it becomes clear that health reasons are less important for the younger generation than for the older respondents.

Environmental reasons are most common among all age groups, but especially for people under 34 years of age.

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