Somerdale champions British Cheese with new limited edition release

Somerdale International has released a great tasting, limited edition, aged Cheddar made specifically for the US market. The launch of the handmade ‘Champion Cheddar’ has been timed to coincide with & celebrate this Summer’s Tokyo Olympic Games and will represent the gold medal standard for those discerning American consumers seeking a truly authentic British Cheddar.

The new ‘Champion Cheddar’ is made and matured on farm for Somerdale by the Barber family the world’s oldest surviving family farmhouse cheddar-makers in Somerset, England. Utilising traditional techniques handed down over six generations, the cheese has been created using traditional starter cultures and age-old ‘cheddaring’ and maturing methods to ensure it develops the quintessentially rich, full flavour of traditional Cheddar.

To complement its great taste and texture, ‘Champion Cheddar’ comes in visually stunning packaging, designed to deliver energy and excitement on the specialty cheese fixture. It will be available in convenient pre-pack 6.5oz (184g) sized packs and in 44lb blocks, together with re-pack labels, ideal for deli counters that want to offer a bespoke range of weights. Reflecting and reinforcing the stand-out pack design, Somerdale says it will also make available a range of striking, attention grabbing, point of sale promotional materials.

Commenting on the launch, Alan Jenkins, director of Somerdale International, said; “Just as athletes from around the world will strive for sporting excellence in Tokyo this Summer, our new traditionally handmade ‘Champion Cheddar’ will set the bar when it comes to great tasting cheese. While Champion’s visually stunning pack design and striking point of sale promotional materials will bring real theatre and excitement to specialty cheese cases across the US.

“The limited edition release of ‘Champion Cheddar’ comes at a time when British cheese is becoming more popular than ever with US consumers. Somerdale now accounts for over 20% of all British cheese imported into the United States and our range includes award winning Cheddars, traditional territorial cheeses, a comprehensive range of blended cheeses such as the ever popular Wensleydale & Cranberries and Stilton the ‘King of British Cheese’. While Somerdale’s own branded cheeses such as Westminster cheddar, Cooper’s Hill, the Heraldic range and Challenger IPA are all experiencing strong growth in the States.”

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