EPIRUS SA feta products win triple gold in Monde Selection 2021

For another year, three products from EPIRUS SA stood out for their high quality and their exceptional taste and were awarded with the Gold Award of Superior Quality in the 60th International Institute Monde Selection Competition.

The traditional EPIRUS Feta PDO was once more awarded for its authentic taste, its rich aroma and its consistently top quality. EPIRUS Feta PDO with 40% less salt, also won the gold award, proving that although it has significantly less salt, it retains all the quality and organoleptic characteristics of the classic EPIRUS feta. Finally, EPIRUS Organic Feta PDO, which is produced exclusively from Greek organic goat and sheep milk, was awarded by the judges for its excellent taste and its special characteristics.

Monde Selection is an International Quality Institute based in Brussels, which, for 60 years now, has been awarding consumer products from around the world through a comprehensive process of evaluating their organoleptic characteristics, in collaboration with over 80 Michelin Star awarded chefs, internationally renowned oenologists, university professors, nutritionists and other distinguished industry professionals.

Feta EPIRUS has, for many years now, consistently held a unique place at the table and in the hearts of the Greek and foreign consumers. To date, it has won a total of 57 awards, for all its three versions, in top world-renowned events of the sector and can be considered the most award-winning feta in the world.

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