Maple Hill Creamery launches America’s first-ever zero sugar organic milk

Maple Hill Creamery, America’s original 100% grass-fed organic dairy brand, has launched the nation’s first Zero Sugar Organic Ultra-Filtered Milk.

The latest product innovation from Maple Hill gives consumers a zero sugar, zero added sweeteners and zero carb organic milk. The average serving of milk has 12 grams of sugar and Maple Hill’s Soft-Filtering process skims out the sugar, carbs and lactose from the milk, but retains the incredible farm-fresh taste and nutrition.

“The word that comes to mind when I think about Zero Sugar Organic Milk is freedom,” said Carl Gerlach, CEO of Maple Hill. “It’s freedom to enjoy cow’s milk without the worry or guilt over sugar, carbs or lactose. Freedom for parents to provide nutritious milk to their children with no sugar or sweeteners. Freedom to have milk in your coffee again. All from a brand that consumers trust.”

The new Zero Sugar Organic Milk builds on Maple Hill’s product lineup that provides a number of low and no sugar added dairy products including Yogurt, Kefir and Reduced Sugar Grass-fed Organic Chocolate Milk.

“Maple Hill has been growing the industry from the very beginning when we started doing dairy differently and making the highest quality products sourced from small family farms in New York,” said Julia Joseph, co-founder of Maple Hill Creamery. “Our new Zero Sugar Organic Milk pushes the envelope yet again, bringing a product to the shelf that has never been done before.”

Maple Hill’s Zero Sugar Organic Whole Milk contains 8 grams of protein and 110 calories, and the Reduced Fat variety contains 8 grams of protein and 80 calories.

“As a Registered Dietitian, I am thrilled about Maple Hill’s newest product,” said Leah Silberman, MS, RD, Tovita Nutrition and Maple Hill partner. “Maple Hill removed the sugar while maintaining the robust nutrient profile of milk. This product puts milk back on the table for so many people who left for non-dairy milk alternatives. It contains no added sweeteners and is simply delicious organic pasture-raised cow’s milk.”

Maple Hill Zero Sugar Organic Ultra-Filtered Milk is available nationwide at Whole Foods Market.

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