Bel Group splits chair and CEO roles and submits Béliot for group chair

The Bel Group has announced its intention to move towards a form of governance that separates the functions of chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer, and will submit Cécile Béliot for the post of group CEO to the board of directors in 2022. During the upcoming transitory period, Cécile Béliot is becoming group executive vice president and succeeds Antoine Fiévet as chairman of the supervisory board of MOM (Materne, Pom’Potes/GoGo squeeZ, Mont-Blanc brands, etc).

This evolution seeks to allow Bel Group to continue to lead its transformation, while perpetuating the vision and values carried by the Bel-Fiévet shareholder family since the creation of the company over 150 years ago, the company says. The mission undertaken by Béliot in this transitory period is to progressively prepare the next steps for bringing together Bel and MOM teams and to continue implementing the Group’s strategy on its three complementary product families – dairy, plant-based and fruit – in line with the innovation, internationalisation and modernisation processes that she has already set in motion within Bel.

Fiévet says: “This governance shift is the fruit of a long-standing consideration, and I have wished to progressively set it up to guarantee the stability and sustainability of the Group’s growth. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our iconic brand, The Laughing Cow, we are at a symbolic moment demonstrating our ability to take the long view. This is also a strategic moment, as we are accelerating on new growth territories: plant-based products and, through our MOM activities, the fruits segment. Cécile Béliot has shown over these past years her commitment to our Group’s values and DNA, her leadership, her ability to transform our model in order to uphold our mission: offering healthier and responsible food for all. I am convinced that she will be able to meet our future challenges and to continue developing sustainably our group and its brands.”

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