Saputo Dairy UK announces refresh of Cathedral City PMP range

Saputo Dairy UK is announcing changes to its Cathedral City price-marked-pack (PMP) range.

A consistent price mark of £2.49 will be introduced across the brand’s block, grated and sliced PMP formats this month. Standardised case sizes of six will also be rolled out across all price-marked formats to align the range.

As part of the range renovation, retailers will also see a refreshed packaging design across Cathedral City block and grated PMPs. Showcasing the brand’s provenance, block and grated PMPs will see a Union Flag added front of pack; Cathedral City also holds a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen, which will appear front of pack on renovated PMP blocks.

Alongside these design changes, shelf-ready  packaging (SRPs) across the range will also be updated to maximise shelf stand out and improve visual consistency.

With two thirds of convenience shoppers now reportedly being more mindful of their spending habits than before the pandemic and some 60% claiming to be very aware of product prices in convenience stores, the move aims to support convenience retailers in offering better value for money to their customers at the fresh top up shop. It is also hoped that the newly aligned price and case sizing will enable retailers to better cross promote in-store, whilst also supporting efficient stock management.

Neil Stewart, Saputo Dairy UK cheese marketing controller, said: “The Convenience sector has thrived over the past year, with lockdown measures encouraging people to shop closer to home. As the vaccine rollout progresses at full steam however, consumers are becoming more confident and widening their store choices to include larger, busier stores. With consumer focus on value for money heightened as the financial impacts of the pandemic continue to unfold, C-stores are now facing increasingly intense competition from the multiples and discounters.

“Our price-marked range refresh aims to help convenience retailers navigate this post-pandemic channel shift and to retain the trust and confidence of their shoppers, with a more competitive price mark, offering better consumer value. Our newly-unified range price-marking also opens up the potential for retailers to cross-promote these products across the range.

“PMPs are a proven vehicle to showcase value to shoppers in the convenience channel, and demand for them is only increasing – PMPs now reportedly feature in over half of convenience baskets. Our range of Cathedral City PMPs remains incredibly popular; our 200g price-marked blocks are notably among the top-performing branded block lines in Symbols & Independents and we are confident this refresh will further strengthen our position.”

New price marked packs will roll into stores throughout June 2021. Non-price-marked packs will also continue to be available.

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