Langnese suggests new formats for dessert

German ice cream company Langnese (part of the Unilever Group) has launched a new concept to help the gastronomy businesses get back in the game after being affected for a long time by the Covid-19 pandemic. Serving ice cream in different forms should motivate more customers to eat ice cream, it says.

The number of guests cannot be increased due to the hygiene regulations in Germany. This is why the turnover achieved per guest is all the more important. Langnese suggests that restauranteurs complement the menu with sophisticated dessert creations and motivate the service staff to actively offer them.

It is the pâtissier Marcus Hannig who has developed the flexible concept, which should help the restaurants increase sales through desserts. Three dessert variations – à la carte, take away and mini – with a few components, a combination of ice cream, cream and baked goods should appeal to different types of customers.

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