Study shows alternatives more expensive, less nutritious than milk

Milk substitutes are basically still more expensive than cow’s milk in Germany, according to a consumer advice centre study in North Rhine Westphalia. The study also showed that milk alternatives are hardly comparable with the contents of cow’s milk in terms of the content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Some of the tested plant drinks were enriched with vitamins and minerals such as calcium and vitamins, but most of them were not.

The higher cost is primarily due to the lower taxation of cow’s milk (as a staple food), it concluded. The centre studied 21 oat, 19 soy, 14 almond, 12 rice and five coconut milk substitute products, and nutritional values of the plant-based drinks were compared with each other and with those of cow’s milk.

The sugar content in the tested milk alternatives was between 0 grams and 7.1 grams. Milk substitute products based on rice and oats contain more sugar than soy or almond drinks.

The testers also point out ‘Made in Germany’ does not mean that all ingredients come from Germany, so they noted the country of origin of the raw materials should always be specified.

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