Cellular milk production planned in US

A cellular based milk production company, 108Labs, plans to build a ‘Cellfacturing’ facility to produce the startup’s cell cultured human milk. The factory will operate using a proprietary artificial intelligence platform to produce this cultivated milk at scale, Ingredients Network reports.

Located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, US, the factory will be dedicated to innovation using raw medium ingredients and validated cell lines. At first, 108Labs will work to scale the company’s Colostrupedics “whole-human” infant formula through end-to-end production including both manufacturing and packaging.

Inside the factory it plans to automate milk bioreactors that maintain and harvest milk developed through a bioprocess using mammary gland cells. The machinery will then automatically package these products within a closed system for pathogen-free production and “sterile delivery from bioreactor to mouth.” Currently, the factory is in pilot design, and 108Labs is proving its hardware and software concepts to show it can handle its target capacity of one ton of milk production per day in the initial launch phase. While the timeline is fluid on when this factory will be operational, the firm says its factory design enables continuously scalable, automated closed-system production of mammalian milk. With front-to-back Cellufacturing automation, the 108Labs autonomous milk factory will reduce production costs beyond 99% per ounce compared to lab grown milk.

Selling cultured human milk, however, will require production costs to significantly decline. While production costs remain the main hurdle to produce this cultured infant formula at scale, this new factory will reduce production costs by beyond 99%, Giuliano said in a statement. Currently, lab-grown milk costs close to $1,000 per oz to produce and 108Labs’ goal is to reduce those costs to $1 per ounce, industry publication Nutrition Insight reported.

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