Ekselence releases new range of ice cream flavours

Ekselence, one of the leading ice cream brands in Latvia and member of the international ice cream group Food Union, has created an innovative range of ice creams that reportedly offer ‘unparalleled gourmet decadence’ and tap into warm cues of winter with a new ice cream range that the brand says transcends seasons.

“Ekselence is really focused on pushing sensory boundaries and developing products that are inspired by global lifestyle and food trends resulting in flavours that scintillate and excite consumer palates. From the world’s most popular drink coffee to the world’s little-knows bird’s milk or milk soufflé – Ekselence highlights these flavours on the foundation of creamy ice cream and continues to be at the forefront of the ice cream market,” said Sandra Usacheva, Food Union ice cream brand manager.

“These all-season ice creams use world class ingredients and tap into consumer desires for winter treats. Ekselence delivers a rich experience that ice cream and dessert enthusiasts alike can appreciate in the warmth of one’s home and consistently create special moments for families and friends at home with ice cream in sizes for every gathering,” adds Usacheva.

Ekselence, recognised for its culinary artistry in ice cream, launched a total of six novelties for this autumn/winter season, offering rich and saturated flavours in both 0.5 litre and 1L boxes. The products are tailored for true gourmands and deliver warm sensations to be enjoyed as a chilled winter dessert.

The range incorporates three flavours in 0.5 litre cardboard tubs:

  • Ekselence Pumpkin Spice Latté: A trendy and spicy ice cream experience created by ice cream with a taste of coffee latté and pumpkin spice sauce;
  • Ekselence Peanut Butter Crunch: A sensational and sweet experience offered by masterfully mixed caramel sauce into creamy ice cream and smithereens of crunchy peanuts;
  • Ekselence Vanilla & Chocolate with Cookie DoughA rich taste experience, where chunks of cookie dough are twisted into perfection of vanilla and chocolate marriage.

And three flavours in 1L packaging:

  • Ekselence Milk souffle: A soft and full-fledged ice cream experience delivered by milk souffle or so-called bird’s milk;
  • Ekselence Banana & Chocolate: A fusion of hedonistic flavours in a mix of banana and chocolate ice cream with juicy banana sauce;
  • Ekselence Vanilla & Chocolate cookies: A rich and nourishing experience offered by vanilla ice cream with crunchy pieces of chocolate cookies.

All six products will be available starting from week 46 nationwide in Latvia.

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