Maypro becomes reseller of leading researched-backed NZMP probiotics

NZMP, the ingredient-solutions brand by global dairy company Fonterra, and Maypro, one of the largest global suppliers of nutraceutical ingredients and fine chemicals, have entered into an agreement in which Maypro will be an authorised reseller of NZMP’s BifidoB HN019™ and LactoB HN001™ probiotic strains in North America, as well as new strains in development.

BifidoB HN019 and LactoB HN001 probiotics, first discovered and commercialized by Fonterra, are considered super-strains because they have been extensively researched with over 60 combined human clinical trials; they are amongst the most extensively-studied strains in humans. Clinical trials have shown a range of consumer benefits, including digestive health, immunity, skin health, women’s health and post-natal depression. According to a FMCG Gurus Q4 2020 Probiotic Survey, the proportion of North American consumers who stated they purchased probiotic products in the past twelve months increased from 45% to 61% from 2018 to 2020, so the NZMP/Maypro agreement will help customers meet this growing consumer demand.

NZMP’s probiotics strains have comprehensive certifications, including vegan, vegetarian, non-dairy, organic, halal, kosher and non-GMO project verified and have proven strong stability in a variety of traditional supplement applications such as capsules and sachets, yogurts, ice creams, chocolate and coatings and high-pressure processed juices.

Because of this agreement, Maypro can immediately supply NZMP’s BifidoB HN019 and LactoB HN001 to customers. As a large global supplier of nutraceutical ingredients, Maypro will utilize NZMP’s strong clinical evidence, coupled with their vast experience in probiotics, to give customers a variety of viable options in an environment of continued supply chain challenges.

“This agreement with Maypro is important to brands already using probiotic ingredients as well brands looking to develop new products with health claims in mood, stress, anxiety, skin health, digestive health and immunity,” says Chris Ireland, senior manager business development, NZMP. “This agreement will allow us to both extend our sales force and harness Maypro’s valuable supplement customer network.”

The NZMP BifidoB HN019 and LactoB HN001 probiotic strains and the agreement with Maypro represents the innovation and ingenuity of NZMP from new products and production processes to forward-thinking business partnerships. NZMP is the world’s leading dairy exporter and has a network of global ingredient sourcing options that can be extended to suppliers like Maypro who are looking for flexibility, confidence and consistency. With a global network that spans 14 global locations with customers in over 130 countries, NZMP can support North American customers who have export ambitions.

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