Danone reformulates for less sugar in children’s products

Danone says it is committed to making it easier for families to choose healthy alternatives for their children, the company says. To this end, Danone has reformulated 100% of its children’s portfolio so that it meets the nutritional criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO) which, in the case of dairy, recommends a limited consumption of fats and sugars.

With this decision, the company puts an end to having to choose between fun or healthy, between sugar or flavour. To achieve this, Danone has invested €1 million in the last five years and has worked hand in hand with a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 professionals, to nutritionally improve the profile of children’s favourite yogurts, with a focus on reducing added sugars. All yogurts of the brands Danonino, Actimel Kids and Danone yogurt for children already meet the nutritional criteria set by the WHO.

Specifically, in terms of total sugars, a total of 10g of sugar per 100g of product, maintaining the same flavour that the little ones love without adding artificial sweeteners. “In life, when you think you have all the answers, suddenly you have children and all the questions change you. But when you’re a parent, the hardest question you ask yourself: Am I doing it right? At Danone we want to answer that question. Our commitment is that all children have a healthy life, thus correcting the high rates of childhood overweight and obesity that worry families so much. This decision is even more visible today, reaffirms our commitment to the health of the new generations and, in short, places us as the first food company in Spain to apply this commitment in all its proposals aimed at children”, explains Natalia Berenguer, general secretary of Danone Iberia.

This announcement marks a new milestone in the reformulation process of added sugars that Danone began in 2014 in all its products. Currently, 90% of Danone’s portfolio in Spain corresponds to healthy products for daily consumption, about 50% of the references available in the market are without added sugars and, one in five, are natural yogurt (milk, ferments and nothing else), a growing segment for the company.

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