Tethered cap launch from Elopak

The Pure-TwistFlip tethered cap from Elopak has been designed so the closure remains attached to the carton throughout its entire lifecycle, reducing the risk of it being littered. It complies with the EU’s Single-Use Plastic Directive, which was introduced as part of efforts to reduce the impact of certain plastic products in the environment and tackle marine littering.

The Pure-TwistFlip 29i is also Elopak’s lightest screw cap to date, helping to reduce the use of plastics, according to the company. It can be combined with any Pure-Pak carton to create a packaging solution that prioritises the environment, safety and consumer convenience.

Commenting on the announcement Elopak CMO Patrick Verhelst states, “We are delighted to share the news that our tethered cap solution will soon be available to customers. The Pure-TwistFlip is a fantastic addition to our current portfolio of opening features that meets the tethering requirements of the EU’s Single-Use Plastic Directive well ahead of its deadline in 2024.”

“As Elopak’s lightest screw cap to date, the Pure-TwistFlip 29i also represents an option for our customers outside the EU who are looking to adopt more sustainable packaging solutions,” he continues.

The cap itself is produced by United Caps. Elopak’s Pure-Pak cartons are made using renewable, recyclable and sustainably sourced materials, the company notes.

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