World Milk Day: Creating sustainably sourced dairy from concept to consumption

On World Milk Day, we are reminded of the integral part milk plays in our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s a morning bowl of cereal, a midday latte or a soothing drink before bed, this dairy delight is prevalent in every part of the day and offers an important and reliable source of key nutrients like calcium, magnesium and protein. But none of this would be possible without the dairy farmers and manufacturers that are working tirelessly to deliver the delicious milk that consumers expect – while also making sure their dairy farming is climate smart to help meet crucial sustainability targets. So this year, we are raising a glass to celebrate the great work being done to reduce dairy’s impact on climate change, and shining a spotlight on how the industry can introduce sustainable improvements from concept all the way to consumption.   

Milk from the source 

Together as a united food and beverage industry, we have a big role play in contributing to a more sustainable dairy landscape. As our population grows, so does the strain on our resources, and consumers are becoming more aware of this. With every single dairy cow generating three tons of CO2 equivalent each per year, changes have to be made to ensure dairy’s future as a valuable source of nutrition. To operate more sustainably, dairy manufacturers must work together with farmers, where the biggest sustainability gains can be made.   

To help dairy farmers overcome the monumental challenge of decreasing methane output, DSM developed a feed additive for cows and other ruminants such as sheep, goat and deer, that suppresses the enzyme that triggers methane production in a cow’s rumen. This breakthrough innovation consistently reduces enteric methane emission by approximately 30% for dairy cows. Ultimately, enabling dairy farmers to operate more sustainably by significantly cutting down greenhouse gas emissions.  

Prosperity for the future of dairy 

While taste and texture are repeatedly cited as the most important factors for consumers in determining product choice, around 61% of consumers globally are more conscious of leading healthier lifestyles, post pandemic.2 Many want to know more about the influence of food on their health and are now seeking solutions enriched with additional vitamins and minerals – for example, 46% of consumers globally have turned to food to boost their immune health. 

With DSM Food & Beverage, producers can access fortification, taste and texture solutions that take products to the next level in nutrition, sustainability and consumer appeal. Because today and every day, dairy consumers should – and can – enjoy it all.  

Beyond World Milk Day, DSM’s goal is to provide the food and beverage industry with solutions that consumers love not only for their taste, texture and health benefits, but also for their sustainability credentials. This is supported by DSM’s broader commitments to enable double-digit livestock emission reductions by 2030, and to reach 150 million people with nutritious, sustainable plant-based protein foods by 2030.  


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