Novastell reads the market with ingredient launches at Vitafoods

Speciality phospholipid and lecithin supplier, Novastell, says this year’s Vitafoods Europe (Vitafoods) was an inspiring event that facilitated networking, collaboration, and innovation to push future product development and technology.

As the health and beauty sectors continue to thrive, it is the impact of eco-aware ‘consum-actors’ that are really influencing consumption by using their purchasing power to protect certain values and causes.

These consumers are propelling the fight against ostentatious consumerism by focusing on natural sustainable and vegetal ingredients – particularly in the field of nutraceuticals, foodstuffs, personal care, and cosmetics. This philosophy was perfectly illustrated in Novastell’s overall theme for this year: Improve your Life.

Commented Carla Felgueiras, global ingredient manager, “Vitafoods never disappoints, and the 2022 event enabled our team to access useful information ensuring that product portfolios are on point to meet expectations in future project development.

“Our nutritional and functional bioactive ingredients, specialty oils, vegetal actives, natural vitamin E and mixed tocopherols are ideal for use in the health and wellness market – particularly cognitive health and healthy ageing,” she continued.

At Novastell, storytelling and an immersive brand narrative really comes into its own with new products including Tibetan Sea buckthorn, which combines fantastic efficacy with a great back story and an impressive dose of omega 7. Other ingredients include essential nutrients such as black cumin oil for metabolic disorders, highly concentrated DHA phospholipids sourced from sustainable fishing and 100% French-produced hemp oil from La Compagnie des Saveurs.

“We are also thrilled that we can now propose phosphatidylcholine fractions with a high purity intended for liposomal formulations.

“Lastly, while supply chain challenges are ongoing in these uncertain times, impacting on the availability of raw materials for our derived vegetable phospholipids, vitamin E and mix tocopherols, we want to reassure our customers and clients that we are working tirelessly with our exclusive partners to manage this crisis and avoid any unnecessary disruptions,” Carla concluded.


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