DSM releases white paper on Vitamin D and immunity products

Vitamins and trace minerals are essential to building a strong immune system and are required for immune cells to function optimally. Several recent publications by both academic and medical experts in nutrition and immunity have summarised the importance of vitamin and trace mineral status and their supplementation in supporting immunity, including the immune response to vaccination. Vitamin D, in particular, has important benefits for immunity, like supporting the body’s response against respiratory infections. Increasing evidence also indicates that vitamin D supplementation, or adequate vitamin D status, is associated with enhanced response to vaccinations. For good immune health, experts recommend a daily intake of 2,000 IU (50 μg) of vitamin D in the general (non-infant) population 

DSM’s whitepaper reviews the latest scientific research exploring the role and potential of vitamin D in immune health and vaccine responses. In addition, the paper will introduce the science behind calcifediol – a form of vitamin D that unlocks the benefits of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ more rapidly than vitamin D3, the company says.  The paper does not discuss the use of vitamin D in pharmaceutical medications for treatment purposes, and vitamin D supplements should not be consumed in amounts over those established as safe by the relevant food safety authorities.  

For further information, visit https://www.dsm.com/corporate/home.html.

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