Bio&Me’s prebiotic yogurts set to launch in Asda supermarkets

The UK’s fastest growing gut health food brand, Bio&Me, created by The Gut Health Doctor, Dr Megan Rossi, BSc, PhD RD, has secured a major new distribution deal for its award-winning gut-loving, prebiotic yogurts, with Original and Madagascan Vanilla variants set to launch in 260 Asda stores across the UK from next week, RSP £2.00/350g pot. 

The new Asda listing highlights the ever-growing consumer demand for food and drinks with clear health benefits and further consolidates Bio&Me’s success story, building on existing listings with Tesco, Sainsbury’s Waitrose, Co-op, Ocado and Holland & Barrett. Founded in November 2019, the Chester and London-based startup is now the UK’s leading gut health brand. With £3 million retail sales in 2021 on track to treble this year and recent investment from Harry Kane, England Captain and Tottenham striker, the brand’s meteoric rise shows how gut health is fast becoming a new lifestyle approach. 

Bio&Me’s Gut-Loving Prebiotic* Yoghurts are packed full of live and active cultures, a massive 700 billion of them, more than any other yogurt in the UK. Each tasty pot contains 18 different cultures, including Dr Megan’s personal favourites, BB-12 and LGG, which are two of the world’s most studied. The all-natural yogurts also contain no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, thickeners or emulsifiers, and are low in lactose, high in protein, as well as being a source of Calcium, B12, B2 and Phosphorous. 

Both Original and Madagascan Vanilla variants have been recently recognised in the 2022 Great Taste Awards, praised for their creamy, smooth delivery and gut health credentials. 

Bio&Me is the only brand to carry the prestigious ‘Good for your Gut’ health claim, thanks to its clinical trial backed EFSA1-approved ingredient. 70% of our immune system lies in the gut, and gut health has been linked to the health of many other organs, including the heart and brain. Based on Dr Megan’s scientific research, the brand believes that people and microbes thrive on variety and deliciously good food.  

Dr Megan Rossi, Bio&Me co-founder, says: “Our range of prebiotic* yogurts is not only delicious, with no added sugar, sweeteners or starches, but is full of my favourite live and active cultures. As a dietitian and a scientist, it’s always been my mission to close the gap on great tasting food that also truly delivers on its health claims. I’m excited to be introducing Asda customers to these tasty, gut-loving pots of joy.” 

Jon Walsh, Bio&Me co-founder, continues: “We know good gut health is the gateway to a variety of health benefits and overall well-being. We also know that consumers are engaging with gut health now more than ever before and are becoming increasingly interested in both gut health and foods that help support the immune system. Bio&Me is well-placed to deliver exactly what consumers are looking for: functional foods that taste really good. The brand’s success is also testament to the belief and support from key retailer buyers across the board. We are incredibly grateful to them and this significant new listing with Asda will help propel the brand to even greater heights.”  

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