Berchtesgadener Land launches new organic buttermilk

Just in time for the start of school in Bavaria, the Berchtesgadener Land dairy has launched another product for on the go: an organic buttermilk in a 400 g beverage carton.

Buttermilk, a valuable by-product of butter production, is naturally a very low-fat dairy product with less than one percent fat. Rich in protein and as a source of calcium, it is ideally suited as a refreshing drink after physical activity, during a break or for a healthy start to the day.

The Berchtesgadener Land buttermilk is sold in a TetraTop carton bottle, so the organic buttermilk is well protected for transport and easy to portion with a taste-safe feature. The packaging consists of 93 % renewable raw materials: the cardboard portion is FSC-certified and the screw cap, thread and coating are made of polyethylene made from sugar cane.

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