Emmi sales top CHF4 billion

Switzerland’s largest dairy group, Emmi, increased its sales by 8.1% to CHF4.2 billion (€4.25bn) and exceeded the CHF4 billion mark for the first time, the company says. Organic growth was 7% last year. Organic growth in the America saw increases of 13.1% while Europe grew by 6.7% and home country Switzerland saw a 2.9% uptick. There is a dynamic dessert business in the US as well as Brazil, Mexico and Spain, while in Europe, Emmi reports sustained momentum from Emmi Caffè Latte and its Italian dessert specialities. Switzerland is seeing successful brand concepts and regained momentum in the food service and industrial business for the dairy.

“With differentiated, highly innovative brand concepts, a consistent focus on attractive markets and niches and a sharper strategy based on our strengths, we can look back on a respectable year in a challenging environment with a significant improvement in the second half of the year,” comments Ricarda Demarmels, CEO of Emmi Group, about 2022’s turnover. “Our teams have countered the challenging framework conditions with foresight with accelerated efficiency programs and disciplined cost management, which defended volumes and acted with a view to local market conditions and a sustainable design of the value chain.”

Unavoidable sales price increases due to higher milk prices, as well as sharply increased prices for input, energy, logistics and packaging materials also contributed to the growth in sales.

The share of the Switzerland division in group sales was 40.1% (previous year: 42.2%).

The Americas division generated sales of CHF1.6 billion, which corresponds to its strong growth of 20.1%. Another key driver for the positive development in the Americas is an additional production facility for UHT milk, which is being commissioned in Brazil.

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