Woodlands Dairy in South Africa repackages in Tetra Pak Stelo aseptic

Woodlands Dairy is the first company in South Africa to introduce the Tetra Stelo Aseptic packaging format, the company says. This packaging format features a seamless surface that allows the dairy to communicate its First Choice brand stories more creatively, but at the same time provide a paper-based, recyclable, and lower carbon footprint solution, it adds.

Marisa Maccaferri, marketing executive for Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, says the company continually collaborates with its partner, Tetra Pak, noting, “Consumer needs are ever changing, and products are no longer consumed for their nutritional value only. There are other factors at play. As consumers’ living standards improve, our business needs to cater to new elevated demands, which are more personalised and diverse.”

She adds that the new pack format lends itself to more innovative and value-added products. “Consumers want added value, which not only applies to the intrinsic value of a product, but also to the packaging. Factors such as quality and basics that allow them to pursue a greener lifestyle, are very important. With its easy grip, one step opening and environmentally sound profile, the pack is highly functional, youthful and allows First Choice products to be differentiated with outstanding shelf impact.

“Furthermore, the package is fitted with the Tetra Pak Stelo WingCap 30, a one-step opening that ensures a perfect grip and a steady flow when pouring through a 30mm diameter aperture. The visible tamper evidence feature reassures consumers that the product has not been tampered with or opened before.”

The paper board of the package is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Since sustainability is one of Woodlands Dairy’s key strategic pillars, the company is always looking for sustainable solutions. “With Stelo, we’re able to maintain our already exceptional sustainability credentials of our packs being made from more than 80% renewable material and of course being recyclable. These types of innovations open the doors to retailers with their own environmental agendas and offer a responsible alternative to fossil-based alternatives. We’re providing a solution which is simple and easy to use, and at the same time helps change consumer habits. Woodlands is ‘all in’ when it comes to sustainability and taking the lead with initiatives such as the Tetra Stelo Aseptic,” Maccaferri concludes.

Owing to its flexibility, the new range will be offered in both 500ml and one-litre cartons, for the First Choice product range, some of which are already on shelf such as First Choice Custard and Pouring Cream.

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