Ahlstrom and Istituto Stampa develop compostable butter and margarine packaging

As part of its continued focus on global sustainability leadership, Ahlstrom has joined forces with Istituto Stampa on their innovative sustainable packaging solution for the Butter and Margarine industry.

The two companies combined their know-how and technologies to develop a compostable solution for butter and margarine packaging. This new material has now been tested and qualified, enabling Istituto Stampa to provide an added sustainable benefit to major European brands.

“The focus on sustainable solutions continues to be at the forefront of many industries,” said Mark Ushpol, executive vice president of the Ahlstrom Food & Consumer Packaging Division. “Our ‘from Plastic to Purpose’ campaign aims at raising awareness around the world regarding the possibility of fibre-based solutions as a renewable option, and this joint project is yet another excellent example of our competence in fibre-based materials and how together we can push the boundaries of what fibers can do.”

“Since 1933, Istituto Stampa has produced packaging materials for the food industry with a core business in packaging materials for butter, margarine, cheese, yeast and confectionery,” explains Giovanni Mussini, sole administrator of Istituto Stampa. “The strategic partnership we formed with Ahlstrom allowed us to develop innovative solutions in food packaging for butter and margarine which are much appreciated by our customers who are looking for a compostable solution. Through our ongoing collaboration, we share a common goal to continue creating and improving these alternative solutions in food packaging.”

The new product is based on Sulpack which is made using Ahlstrom’s unique Genuine Vegetable Parchment technology. Sulpack’s attributes bring the essential protective barrier to the dairy products and offer an alternative to the traditional aluminum plastic structures. Sulpack also provides an effective, fiber-based barrier to Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOH) contamination.

“Thanks to our collaboration we managed to effectively provide the required barrier while offering a positive end-of life scenario,” explained Brian Oost, vice president for Ahlstrom’s Parchment Solutions business. “By joining forces and expertise throughout the value chain we can make significant advances in sustainable packaging.”

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