Omsco launches new Grass Roots Dairy Co. butter

Omsco, the British farmer-owned co-operative dedicated to organic dairy, is extending its Grass Roots Dairy Co. branded range with the launch of a delicious new organic salted butter. Produced in small batches, using traditional methods, Grass Roots Dairy Co. butter is made with 100% organic cream from Omsco Members’ free range, grass fed cows. Cream that is tumbled in butter barrels and hand salted to give the butter its signature open texture and decadently rich, creamy flavour.

Building upon last year’s successful launch of Grass Roots Dairy Co. mild, mature and extra mature cheddars, the new organic salted butter will start appearing in specialist delis, independent retailers, and farm shops from mid-April. The new butter will also be available through selected wholesalers including specialist cheese and dairy suppliers such as The Cheese Merchant across the South of England, South West of England and Wales; Proper Good Dairy in the Midlands and Shropshire; and Mossgiel Organic in Scotland.

With a RRP of £3.75 the new 250g butter packs will deliver real standout on the dairy fixture thanks to stunning, highly evocative artwork that conveys the Grass Roots Dairy Co. brand ethos of being produced in balance with nature.

Commenting on the addition of a butter to the Grass Roots Dairy Co. range, Martyn Anthony, Omsco’s chief executive said: “Following the successful launch of our Grass Roots Dairy Co. cheddars it was a natural next step to complement them with a great tasting, traditionally made, organic butter. A butter that is made from milk produced by our free-range, organic cows who graze for an average of 235 days a year on clover and lush green grass giving the butter its gorgeous yellow colour and depth of flavour.

“Our growing Grass Roots Dairy Co. range showcases all that is great about organic dairy and the sustainable and truly regenerative farming standards that our farmers are dedicated to delivering. It taps into the concerns of an increasing number of consumers who care about the foods they eat, care about animal welfare, and care about the impact they have on the planet.”

Grass Roots Dairy Co. branded range of cheddar and now butter is made from Omsco farmers’ milk produced within the only UK farming system accredited to be free from the use of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers and GMOs – organic. Omsco’s farmers are passionate about ensuring the highest levels of health and welfare for their cows. Such attention to detail takes a huge amount of time, focus and dedication but it enables them to care for their cows to such a high level that they eliminate the need to use antibiotics.

As the brand’s name reflects, central also to the ethos of Grass Roots Dairy Co. is the commitment of Omsco’s organic dairy farmers to producing milk in a way that sustains and enhances the natural environment. By farming in a low impact, truly regenerative manner, Omsco Members promote biodiversity and by only using natural fertilisers on their land they enrich the natural goodness and fertility of their soils. In doing so, they create the nutrient rich, pesticide and herbicide free, pastures that their cows love to feed on. While by working with, not against, nature they create a haven for the natural environment to thrive including valuable habitats for wildlife including birds, bees, and butterflies.

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