Multimillion advertising campaign for new Müller Good Stuff Barista Milk

Müller UK & Ireland is calling on all coffee lovers to ‘be a bit Barista’ and get involved in its latest campaign to become frothy-coffee artists. 

Whether it’s the creation of the perfect heart design, or more of a lopsided spider, Müller wants coffee drinkers to share their frothy-coffee art and celebrate the fun and pleasure involved in making their favourite drink. 

The campaign is Müller’s first branded milk advertising campaign in several years, and will run for seven weeks until mid-October 2023. 

Currently sold in Tesco and Sainsbury’s, by the end of autumn 2023, Müller Good Stuff Barista Milk will be available in more retailers including Ocado, Morrisons and wholesalers. 

With an RRP of £2.10 and enough milk to make six standard-size flat white coffees, the product also means consumers can make coffee-shop style drinks at home for a fraction of the price – allowing a little bit of indulgence while saving money. 

The subtle caramel notes of Müller Good Stuff Barista Milk complement the taste of coffee, while the perfect fat content creates a velvety mouthfeel. The addition of extra protein to the milk creates a froth with tighter and smaller bubbles which last longer, and is ideal for the creation of frothy-coffee art. 

Müller Good Stuff Barista Milk will last for up to three months unopened, so it can be kept in the cupboard and the Sunday morning shuffle to the nearest shop for milk can be avoided. 

As with all Müller milk products, the Müller Good Stuff Barista Milk is made from British milk, with 100% natural ingredients, and sold in recyclable packaging. 

Helen Priestley, Marketing and Category Director for Müller Milk & Ingredients, said: “In the UK, we consume 100 million cups of coffee every day. Our mission is to make the milk part of every coffee as delicious as it can be – whether you’re a cappuccino, mocha, iced latte or a ‘just a dash, please’ person. 

“This new campaign celebrates the pleasure in making coffee and drinking it, but we’re also encouraging consumers to have a bit more fun with their at-home rituals, sharing their amateur frothy-coffee art whether it’s gold standard or a little bit more abstract. 

“With no special equipment required, and cheaper than a coffee-shop drink, it’s the perfect opportunity to inject a little bit of humour into your morning coffee from the comfort of your own home.”

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