GCMMF launches Sagar skimmed milk across India

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the Indian firm responsible for the marketing of the Amul and Sagar brands, have launched Sagar Skimmed Milk across India. Sagar is one of the oldest brands of GCMMF in the milk powder and ghee segment. Sagar Skimmed Milk Powder is India’s largest selling SMP brand and it is now expanding to the fresh skimmed milk category.

“To meet the expectations of the changing consumer, we are launching Sagar Skimmed Milk at most affordable price to cater the economic segment as well as fat free milk for health-conscious consumers” said Jayen Mehta, managing director, GCMMF. Sagar Skimmed Milk is fat free and is available in 250ml (Rs. 10), 500ml (Rs. 20), one-litre (Rs. 40), two-litre (Rs. 78) and six-litre packs – the latter to cater to hotels, restaurants and caterers. It is also available to consumers through nearby retail outlets, Amul parlours, milk booths and modern format stores.

Other GCMMF fresh milk products Amul Buffalo milk (6.5% milk fat), Amul Gold (6% fat), Amul Shakti (4.5% fat), Amul Cow milk (4% fat), Amul Taaza (3% fat) and Amul Slim n Trim (1.5% fat). Sagar skimmed milk will complement this range to meet the requirements of all customers. GCMMF has 98 dairy plants located across India, with a daily milk handling capacity of 50 million litres, equipped with modern facilities to process, pack and store the milk and milk products.

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