Win an ADF Milking system for your milking parlour at Dairy-Tech

The ADF Milking competition 

ADF Milking is launching an exciting competition in which the company is giving away a brand new ADF automatic dipping and flushing system worth up to £30,000, plus consumables & servicing included for 1 year, to one lucky dairy farmer.  

Farmers can enter online now via the ADF website here Alternatively you can visit the ADF Milking stand at Dairy-Tech to complete a physical entry form and place into the ballet box.  

The competition is live now and entries close shortly before 3:00pm on Wednesday 7 February 2024. The winner will be announced exclusively at this year’s Dairy-Tech on the ADF Milking stand B56, Hall 2 at 3:00pm. 

Automatic Dipping & Flushing 

The award-winning ADF Milking System automatically dips each teat directly within the liner, protecting the teat from harmful bacteria in the environment. Liners are then automatically sanitised between milkings to prevent cross contamination between cows.  

The benefits of ADF  

With the Automatic Dipping & Flushing system, farmers can support the health of their herd, save labour and vet costs and increase the efficiency of their dairy farm. Teats are protected instantly, resulting in a reduction of mastitis cases as well as improving somatic cell count and milk quality. Improved cow longevity means more lactations per cow can be achieved, producing a significant increase in milk yield. Automation of the milking routine means that cows can be milked more quickly, saving labour time, increasing the productivity and efficiency of every farm. 

The right milking system for every milking parlour 

With their new product range ADF Milking have made it easier to find the right Automatic Dipping and Flushing system for your dairy farm. Discover the ADF System to suit your parlour, your herd and your budget. 

ADF Essential has been specifically designed for smaller milking parlours. You get all the automated instant dipping and flushing functionality that ADF is well-known for, but in a newly streamlined design. 

ADF Professional is the market-leading automatic dipping & flushing system that is recognised by dairy farmers around the world. Teats are dipped and liners are flushed at the right time, every time. Designed to work 24/7.
ADF Ultimate is the premium flagship system with a full array of features. Utilising the latest InVent technology, ADF Ultimate offers a superior milking experience – bringing stress-free milking to you and your cows. 

Intelligent venting 

The innovative milking technology from ADF, InVent, sets new standards in the milking parlour. InVent is the only milking system on the market that regulates the vacuum level of each teat individually for each cow, minimising teat end damage and congestion. With this new technology dairy farmers can benefit from faster milk let-down, shorter milking times and calmer cows. 

ADF Milking at Dairy-Tech 

See the ADF Milking technology at Dairy-Tech 2024. Visit their stand B56, Hall 2 to learn more about how ADF can save you time, money and bring stress-free milking to your dairy farm. Farmers who are unable to attend the event can enter the competition by scanning the QR code below or visiting the ADF Milking website for a chance to win. 

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