IDF Cheese Science & Technology Symposium 2024 to take place in Bergen, Norway

The IDF Cheese Science & Technology Symposium 2024 aims to move forward in research, innovation and sustainability in cheese and will take place from 4-6 June 2024 in Bergen, Norway. This event promises to be a remarkable gathering of renowned experts, researchers, and industry leaders in the cheese and dairy community. Registration for participation is openThe IDF symposium will feature a series of 10 main sessions over three days including a workshop, adhering to the time-honored tradition of no parallel sessions. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in comprehensive discussions and exploration of various aspects along the value chain of cheese production.“With its focus on advancing cheese science and promoting nutritious cheese products, this event will undoubtedly benefit the entire dairy community”, said Piercristiano Brazzale, President of IDF.Attendance is highly encouraged, as participants will have the chance to engage directly with experts, peers, and industry professionals. The symposium will foster meaningful interactions and networking opportunities, driving innovative solutions in cheese science.The IDF symposium aims to achieve several key objectives:

  • Dissemination and Discussion of Current Research: Cutting-edge research findings and innovations in cheese science will be presented and discussed, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among attendees.
  • Reach Researchers and the Dairy Industry: The event will attract researchers, scientists, academicians, and industry experts from across the globe, facilitating networking and promoting advancements in the dairy sector.
  • Increase Visibility of Cheese Science: By emphasizing aspects of milk quality, cheese production and the significance of cheese as a healthy food product, the symposium will elevate the profile of cheese science to both the dairy community and the general public.
  • Build New Networks: Attendees will have ample opportunities to build new networks and strengthen existing connections during the symposium, paving the way for potential partnerships and joint initiatives.

“We envision this symposium as a catalyst for positive change in the dairy sector,” added the Chair of the Programme Committee, Professor Siv Skeie (NMBU).  “Through collaboration and shared knowledge, we hope to shape the future of cheese production and its role in promoting a sustainable food system.”

For more information, to submit abstracts, to look at sponsoring opportunities and to register for the IDF Cheese Science and Technology Symposium 2024, please visit IDF Cheese 

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