Exhibitors from all over the world at the International Cheese & Dairy Expo

The exciting news just keeps coming with the upcoming International Cheese & Dairy Expo.

New Zealand-based MADCAP, a product of Contec Group International, has news for readers and for the Expo, which is being held 27 June at Bingley Hall, in the Staffordshire County Showground in the UK, in cooperation with the ICDA.

Last year, MADCAP welcomed Tomas Vera as the new regional director for Europe and the Americas. With a wealth of experience in the dairy industry and expertise in digital transformation and innovation, Vera has taken on a pivotal role within its organisation. His leadership and vision have added a fresh perspective to the team, reinforcing the commitment to excellence and innovation, the company says.

One of the significant changes in 2023 was the evolution of the MADCAP brand. The firm undertook a comprehensive brand transformation, allowing it to better align with its core values and mission. This transformation extended to every aspect of the brand, from visual identity to messaging. The result is a more comprehensive, dynamic, and client-centric MADCAP. The ability to swiftly adapt to disruptions indicates an agile supply chain.

Like many others, the dairy industry faces unforeseen challenges such as supply chain interruptions, changing regulations, and sudden shifts in consumer preferences. An optimised supply chain can quickly identify any disruptions and respond in real time. This adaptability minimises downtime, reduces financial losses, and ensures products continue to reach consumers consistently.

MADCAP also has a number of new clients to implement from a number of countries, so there is another busy year ahead for the MADCAP team. Its daily mission is to provide a solution that continues to help the dairy industry optimise its dairy supply chain and achieve its sustainability goals.

Tomas Vera will be present on the booth during the Cheese Expo to engage in discussions about the processes, challenges, and innovations influencing the dairy industry. He will share how MADCAP can assist in navigating these dynamics. With extensive expertise in digital transformation, he is also happy to discuss this further.

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