SIG partners with DPA Brasil for Chamyto

SIG has taken over the production of DPA Brasil‘s spouted pouch packaging for its Chamyto brand children’s yogurt line. DPA Brasil’s brands include Leite Moça, Nescau Prontinho, Nature’s Heart and Nesquik, and its Brazilian portfolio includes yogurts, dairy desserts, fermented milk, petit suisse and cottage cheese. It is part of the Lactalis Group.

The packaging solution is a pre-made spouted pouch, including closure. The strawberry flavour of Chamyto yogurt was the first DPA product to be packaged in SIG’s spouted pouch packaging. The partnership with DPA Brasil will also include packaging for Chamyto fruit vitamin yogurts, Chambinho Recreio and Ninho Lancheirinha.

Vanessa Lima, marketing manager at DPA Brasil, notes, “It is important to us to offer parents and caregivers a product line that contributes to children’s independence, and the packaging provides this. The Chamyto yogurts themselves remain unchanged and retain their taste, quality, and nutritional value.”

Chamyto yogurt in spouted pouches from SIG is available in the leading supermarkets in Brazil.

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