Krohne highlights applications of Optiswitch 6500 to food and beverage industries

Krohne Inc. highlights the advanced hygienic applications of the Optiswitch 6500 to the food and beverage industries. The capacitance level switch provides a minimally invasive solution for point level detection of liquids, liquid-liquid interfaces, and solids. Its unique features make it an ideal choice for businesses in the food and beverage industry, which require accurate detection that is also highly hygienic.

A key feature that makes the Optiswitch 6500 highly valuable in the food and beverage industry is its wide variety of available hygienic process connections. Unaffected by foam, condensate, or build-up, the product can be set to detect foam, or even changes in media characteristics of the same liquid. The product is also resistant to CIP and SIP agents, which are often used in food and beverage operations.

The Optiswitch 6500 can be installed in any position, maintenance-free, achieving very fast response times. The product is also fully compliant with FDA and EC1935/2004, in addition to being EHEDG and 3A certified, all of which are crucial standards for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Typical applications of the Optiswitch 6500 range from small tanks in hygienic applications to tanks with tough, pasty, or strongly adhesive media. The product can also provide block prevention, overflow protection, dry-run and pump protection in tanks. A range of detections, from interface detection to high and low-level detection to detection of foam, are all achievable with this hygienic switch. Whether your business is operating a brewery, a burger factory, or any form of food and beverage operation, the Optiswitch 6500 provides accurate, hygienic, and compliant detection to enable safe and successful production.

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