The world at the Expo

I was away on a work trip last week, and a lot of things reminded me of our upcoming International Cheese & Dairy Expo show, which is on 27 June. First, it was seeing Ian Luxton of Belton Farm and also chairman of the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, in person. It is always a pleasure and he does so much work on the awards every year.

Secondly, there were a lot of presentations of varying types, but it was all about the confluence of both exhibitors and visitors that are allied with the dairy industry.

Which is what is happening on 27 June, with extra cheese and in the heart of the UK in Staffordshire. It is an event where many will attend, and more exciting keynote speakers will be announced shortly.

The international aspect of our show cannot be overemphasised. More than 5,000 cheeses from around the globe, plus speakers in the seminar who come from France, New Zealand, Scandinavia, and of course the UK. The exhibitors are truly worldwide, from China, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK, Denmark and Belgium, to name just a few. It will be an event not to miss.

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