Hemme of Germany expands

One of Germany’s most innovative milk processors – and living evidence that there’s still room in the market for small-scale dairies with the right sales drive – has announced a EUR3 million expansion in facilities this year. The 2.5 m litres per year Hemme Milch concern has taken the assured quality and traceability road almost as far as it can go. It sources all milk only from its own farms and there, cows are fed home-grown forage and grain. Based in the Wedemark region northeast of Berlin, Hemme pioneered the selling of milk in Germany guaranteed less than 24 hours old. It was also the first dairy in the region to introduce door-to-door deliveries of its milk, cream, yogurt, buttermilk and cream cheeses.
Now, Hemme sees steadily growing demand for low-fat products and is investing in new skimming, separating and packaging lines for its milk.

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