Spotting the trends

I have been a long-standing home delivery milk customer for years. So, the news that milk deliveries are up in the UK, with Müller reporting that its Milk & More delivery service has added 175,000 new customers in the last year and 90 per cent of them using the glass bottles, is perhaps a sign that I am ahead of the curve. Or maybe not. There’s been a pandemic on, and home deliveries are a thing now.

The benefits of milk

Our immune systems have been the focus of our lives this past year – no matter where we live, keeping up our immunity and ensuring our health remains good is a top priority.


Back in business

The overall dairy industry hasn’t been advertised on British television for the past two decades. However, this has now been rectified with the first generic dairy TV advert airing on 1 July, featuring a selection of iconic milk adverts on UK screens over the last seven decades.

Dairy Industries International