Suzanne Christiansen


The critical pieces

Sustainability continues to be a top priority globally, so the way milk is produced is becoming as important as the products made from them. Normally we don’t discuss up the supply chain too much on the blog, but a couple of supply-related events caught my eye this week.

The outlook so far

Although not all dairy is traded globally, what happens in other parts of the world can impact our local dairy market, particularly on the commodity side.

We value your comments

The website is an interactive feature of our magazine. On it, people can comment on the articles, and we do go through the waiting ones regularly, and approve or even reply to them.

The benefits of milk

Our immune systems have been the focus of our lives this past year – no matter where we live, keeping up our immunity and ensuring our health remains good is a top priority.


The pandemic through the OECD numbers

I find statistics fascinating, and how these numbers interact with our daily lives. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released some new figures recently, showing that growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in the G20 area slowed to 2.1% in the fourth quarter of 2020, down from the large rebound in the previous quarter (7.8%) that followed the unprecedented falls in the first half of the year due to Covid-19 containment measures.

Here’s to the female half

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the fact that women not only make up half of the planet, but the key role females play in global dairy. Without the females in the fields, there would be no industry at all. However, this reliance doesn’t translate down the supply chain.

Your online life and mine

We take our online connectivity for granted. The global pandemic has only increased this reliance on our iPhones and laptops, but a trip to the garden centre this weekend got me thinking about cybersecurity too.

The new mood

A top trend in dairy, according to Innova Market Insights in its new report on the top trends in dairy 2021, is “mood.” Making a way for consumers to get a decent night’s sleep, calming and relaxing drinks, and conversely, energy boosting dairy products, are what people are after.


The cheese and the music

Worthy Farm’s new Worthy Farm Reserve Cheddar is made with milk produced from the cows that spend most of the year grazing on the site of the world-famous Glastonbury music festival in the UK. As part of the launch, there is a promotion on-pack and in stores to win tickets to the next festival, which is now scheduled for 2022. I think it’s a nice reminder that out there, beyond lockdowns and vaccinations, there will be a time when we can all get together in muddy fields and listen to music.

Keeping your neighbours friendly

Trust in one’s producers and the suppliers of food is key. Everyone in the supply chain has been working throughout this year to ensure that the shelves are stocked in a timely fashion and consumers globally do not miss out when they head to the shops.

What’s in your coffee?

The debate between vegan drinks and dairy milk in the UK took a trendy turn on the BBC’s 4 Farming Today radio show, with the National Farmers Union weighing in on the use of statistics in advertisements.

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