Suzanne Christiansen


Welcome to the Expo!

This week, our inaugural, free to attend, Dairy Industries Expo begins in Harrogate, UK. It will be on Wednesday and Thursday this week, 4-5 October, and promises to be a collection of exciting equipment and services, dairy making discussions and all manners of processing patter for the attendees.

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Moving forward with British dairy

The great and the good were out at Raffles London at the OWO, which welcomed the industry as the first event at the hotel. Suzanne Christiansen reports

The joy of dairy

The Dairy UK Annual Dinner was a highlight of my week last week. It highlighted the good work Dairy UK has been doing throughout the year, from the Dairy Roadmap to standardising carbon footprint tools throughout the industry, to raw milk contracts.


New cats September

With the start of September comes the new school year, and two rather mischievous kittens. Meanwhile, preparations for the Dairy Industries Expo crank up.

Football, football, Expo!

Well, England’s Lionesses did not bring home their World Cup in football from Sydney, but we’re excited anyway, as it is about six weeks until our inaugural Dairy Industries Expo in Harrogate.

The global reach of dairy processing

The news that Tetra Pak plans to begin a dairy processing task force joint coalition, to pull together participants from across the dairy sector to improve approaches to decarbonisation, is a welcome addition to the ongoing global Pathways to Dairy Net Zero Initiative.

The burning Mediterranean (or, your country here)

The news here in the UK is filled with the fires on Rhodes (and now Corfu), and its implications for the tourist trade, which finances a lot of the Greek islands and southern countries. It also points in graphic detail to the eternal global warming issue that we are grappling with, and are leaving to future generations.

Research is key

I am thinking about research this morning, in light of the recent item about how milk phospholipids
reduce stress, according to Fonterra’s recent trial on people with moderate levels of stress and the effect of supplementing them with these dairy-derived ingredients.

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