Glanbia sees good first quarter for 2020

Glanbia, the global nutrition group, has issued an interim management statement for the three-month period ended 4 April 2020. This statement was issued in conjunction with the company’s annual general meeting, which was held as a closed meeting.

It’s about transport

Late last week, both the US and the UK announced dairy assistance schemes. In the UK, Dairy UK and the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) are working together to bring the industry together to identify spare processing capacity, how to stimulate demand and how production could be temporarily reduced.


Dumping of milk and effort

Any time you hear about a dairy farmer dumping their milk instead of having it sent off for processing, it is sad. All that time and effort on the part of the famers, their staff and their cows, just going down into the slurry pit.


Emmi Landquart tops 100 million litres

The Emmi cheese dairy in Landquart, which has always specialised in raclette cheese, broke the 100 million litres mark in 2019. The success is due to the increasing demand for raclette in Switzerland and the great popularity of Swiss cheese in the US. When the Landquart cheese factory was built in 1993, the focus was […]

Bord Bia highlights butter, cheese growth in export report

Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects report 2019/2020 by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, TD, reveals a stand out 2019 performance by Ireland’s food, drink and horticulture industry as exports reached €13bn in 2019 (2018: €12.1bn) for the first time. This is the highest level of exports in Bord Bia’s […]

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